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119. Location: The Country of Black. 1987tjs said: ↑. hi, i've just brought a land rover 110 and when i drove it home i notice the seat was damp, after an inseption it was the sun roof leaking, when i opened it i notice the sun roof had a slight curve to it and when i should it it was sealed both sides but the middle there was a gap. what i .. I've been looking for a fix for my sunroof leak but, haven't been able to find one. I have 1994 Land Cruiser Currently the roof leaks, Very Badly, a quick fix would be to clear the drains and apply some sealant in some areas. But i …. Using 10mm electrical tape and the sunroof completely wound back fully, i used the 10mm electrical tape and wrapped it 57 times around the inside of the roof (not the Glass part) and it seems to have stopped the leak completely. This repair completely seals the glass sunroof to roof when closed. I know this is only a tempoary measure but i .. Joined Sep 17, 2005. 253 Posts. #5 · Aug 4, 2009. Chris, Their are several possibility's for your water leaks. #1) Broken Drain Tube at the Sunroof Cartridge. #2) Weak Sunroof Rails or Sunroof Motor. #3) Warped Exterior Plastic Trim Ring on Roof of Vehicle where the Glass & Seal lay.. The new sunroof comes with the gasket already installed. If I can't get the glue to work this time, I will just buy a new sunroof. Lastly, I explored the windshield leak threads and found that I had the same problem that a lot of …. Country Flag. Dec 29, 2012. #1. The sunroof on my 80 developed the usual leaking syndrome that seems to affect many. My drive has a very, and I mean very, slight slope so the car sits 'nose down' by an inch at most. I have …. Reasons Why Your Land Rover Sunroof May Be Leaking. There are a few reasons for a leak in the sunroof. Some of these include: Clogged Drains. The sunroof normally has gutters, where rain water is trapped and drained in the tubes found at the corners of the sunroof housing. These tubes then drain this water into plastic tubes within the body of .. Most leaks I've heard of coming from the "A" pillars are from the windscreen. The front drain outlet pipes from the sunroof, run down the "A" pillars. The only way to access them is by removing the headlining, which is not such a big job as it may look. Lots of careful trim removal, but once out of the way, the headlining is free.. A simple and short video on fixing a leaky sunroof caused by a clogged sunroof drain. https:instagramthirteensmilespergallonCamera equipment used ..

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