individual 760li sterling inspired by robbe berking bmw

Individual 760li Sterling Inspired By Robbe Berking Bmw


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BMW Individual introduces the most expensive 7Series ever made. Behold the new BMW 760Li Sterling edition customized by BMW Individual Manufaktur in partnership with Robbe & Berking; it’s embellished with handcrafted silver trim inside out. BMW Individual Program has created unique vehicles over the years, including the bespoke BMW 750Li .. BMW Individual 760Li Sterling door handle, refined with a 925 Silver finish. BMW Individual 760Li Sterling in cooperation with ROBBE & BERKING. BMW Individual 760Li Sterling interior trim finished using the Martelé method. BMW Individual 760Li Sterling Highlight: a carafe and two cups in 925 silver.. BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING. ROBBE & BERKING are among the most traditionsteeped silver manufacturers of our day.. A BMW 760LI with more than 10kg (22 pounds) of silver and costly German hand work: This is the most expensive BMW 7 Series car. The BMW Individual is the res.. BMW individual 760Li sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING all images courtesy BMW group . the principles which the ‘BMW individual manufaktur’ has followed for more than 20 years now – one .. Germans from BMW took some initiative and developed a new model, the BMW Individual 760Li Sterling. They have used traditional craftsmanship, perfection and also the most important requirements used for the last 20 years by the manufacturer. At the beginning they only had the 1990s as a bespoke BMW 750 Li for Karl Lagerfeld.. BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE&BERKING, Exterior. (102013) A manufactory implies oneoff products, traditional craftsmanship, perfection and the fulfilment of the most discerning requirements. Those are the principles which the BMW Individual Manufaktur has followed for more than 20 years now.. The BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING is a wonderful illustration of this.” Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, adds this: “On my first visit to ROBBE & BERKING, I was particularly impressed by the high degree of traditionled handcraftsmanship and the rigorous pursuit of optimal solutions.. The BMW Individual 760Li Sterling Inspired by Robbe & Berking Has a Silver Lining. Sterling Archer enjoys the finer things in life—he is, after all, the proud owner of a …. BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE& BERKING.Meer over BMW Individual: producten, traditioneel vakmanschap en ..

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