City Connect

CITY CONNECT is an ambitious project we have undertaken with which we plan to make mobile app for different cities giving information about all the events, offers running in the city, intra-city bus routes with schedule, ST bus schedule, emergency contact & so on.

The vision behind City Connect is to connect city people together and solve city’s problems using mobile technology. There is huge information gap when it comes to hyperlocal. We are on a mission to bridge that gap.

Nashik City Connect

Our first app, Nashik City Connect, is live on Google Play Store. The app is first of its kind effort, for the Nashik city. We intend to do the same for other cities of India.

Read below for more details about Nashik City Connect App.

The app caters to the following information about Nashik city at the moment.

1. Events/Workshops/Competitions happening in Nashik.

2. Offers running in local stores.

3. Transport information
Nashik bus routes with timing.
ST bus routes and schedule
Rickshaw routes (shared basis)
Cab info.

4. 100+ emergency contacts (snake catchers, key makers, ambulance, police & so on).

5. Tourist places info along with images, map & route. (e.g. Kalaram mandir, Trimbakeshwar, Gargoti, Pandav lene & so on)

6. Movie & Drama schedule.

More to come. Stay tuned!

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